General terms of use:

Each campsite attendant as well as his parent - legal representative is obliged to sign the application form for the camp, which agrees with the terms of use of the camp.

The organizer of the camp is obliged to ensure the realization of all the conditions stated on the official website of the camp as well as on the offer for payment.

The camp organizer is not responsible for any unlucky event that may occur as a result of non-adherence to the instructor's or official campsite's instructions.

The patient is obliged to report beforehand if he is suffering from chronic illness, allergy or has suffered a serious injury that may affect his physical condition, otherwise the organizer is not responsible for possible consequences.

In the event of a student canceling a camp or canceling during a camp, the organizer is not obliged to make a refund for the camp costs.

Epidemiological measures, COVID-19 and cancellation conditions:

The organizer undertakes to respect and implement all epidemiological measures of the National Headquarters of Civil Protection of the Republic of Croatia at the time of the Camp without exceptions.

In the event that the camp organization is canceled due to the complete closure of the "Lockdown" caused by the Covid 19 pandemic or some other natural disaster, force measure or similar that samples the ban on training and stay in hotel accommodation, the camp organizer Basketball School CROATIA undertakes to refund paid membership fees and a donation in the name of the Camp.

In case of individual cancellation of arrival at the Camp no later than 15 (fifteen) days before the start of the first shift, the participant reserves the right to a refund of the paid membership fee in full. In case of cancellation after the specified deadline, the organizer Basketball School CROATIA reserves the right to for the membership fee for purpouse of covering the costs of the Camp organization.

All camp participants aged 12 or more, must have a digital EU Covid certificate, certificate showing that they have recovered from COVID-19 (not older than 180 days), or negative PCR test result or rapid antigen test result for SARS-CoV-2.


The organizer BCC (Association basketball school CROATIA) will respect all epidemiological measures and act following them and the same will be required of all participants and coaches, volunteers at the camp and includes the following:

- Frequent care of hand hygiene

- Ventilation of rooms

- Wearing masks indoors and while traveling

- Daily organized temperature measurement (morning and afternoon)

In the case of COVID 19 symptoms, the person with symptoms will be isolated from the rest of the group until the arrival of the parent/guardian. 

If the isolation of a person with COVID 19 symptoms in the Hotel is extended after the expiration of the camp time for which the participant has paid the membership fee, the Organizer does not bear the costs of additional stay or treatment of COVID 19 potential infection.


Dear users of the website "crobasketcamp.com", users of the digital and printed application forms and participants of the Basketball camp Croatia (abbreviation BCC), In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applicable from May 25th 2018, we have an obligation to inform you about the means, purpose and processing and retention of your data through the "Data protection and privacy statement".


This statement describes how the Basketball school CROATIA - Zagreb with the headquarter in Zagreb, Vrisnička 6, VAT:06506663355, (below this Statement: BCC) will deal with your personal data and the data of your children who you voluntarily sign up in the BCC program. „Program/s” is/are further defined in this Statement as an organized sport or other activity that the BCC provides to all registered participants.

Personal data collected during the online registration in BCC programs

Personal data implies your identification data. The data that we can and/or are obliged to collect through the application forms for our programs are: the name and surname of the child, the VAT of child, VAT of the parent, sex of the child, date of birth of the child, the name of the parent, the number of the parent's and child's mobile phone, e-mail addresses of parents and the email address of the child. In addition to the above mentioned personal information, we may also collect the following information: the knowledge and skills of the child (basketball knowledge, motor skills, swimming, etc.), height and weight information, information about health problems and other data that will contribute to higher quality of the implementation of an individual program and the protection and security of the registered participants. The content of the personal data collected through the application forms on the "crobasketcamp.com" website will be used for the purposes of:
-Recording the status of applicants for BCC program participants. The personal data that is collected through the application form will be kept in the digital databases of the BCC.
-Communication with parents
-Classification of participants in age groups
-Prevention and protection of the participant's health status
-Sending offers for camp fee payment
-In the absence of any necessary data required for a particular application, the BCC reserves the right to refuse acceptance of application to the preferred program.

Keeping your personal information

BCC states that it will keep your personal data in secret and will not give it or pass it on, distribute, sell, or in other way make it available to the third parties without your prior consent, except in the cases when data processing for BCC are carried out by the external associates, or other legal or natural person who is working on the implementation of the program, or by BCC employees that are conducting the program. Also, in its communication with the interested parties, BCC uses the newsletter as a channel of communication through which BCC informs subscribers about notifications, programs and offers with the commercial character. By signing up for the newsletter, you declare that you agree to receive all notifications, offers and information that are indicated above and you agree that BCC can use your email address in accordance with this Statement. During the print or online application process, BCC can ask you if you would like to receive notifications, offers and information about BCC programs through the newsletter channel to your email address. Receiving of notifications can be canceled at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the incoming e-mail or by sending the e-mail to the: info@crobasketcamp.com

Data collected in the application process for the BCC Programs

By applying for the BCC programs and by signing the Application Form by the parents and the participants of the program, the General Terms of Use listed on the "crobasketcamp.com" website are considered as accepted. The collected data will be kept as it is written in this "Statement", during the course of a particular program and until the obligations of both parties are over. After this period, archived data will only be those data that must be kept due to legal regulations. During the course of a particular program, the BCC may conduct tests and measurements of motor skills and abilities of the child for the purpose of monitoring the progress of the child and may publicly disclose such information. Please note that, without the prior consent of the parent/guardian, this information will not be connected with the name or surname of the child for which the data will be disclosed. At the start of a particular program or during the participation in events organized by the BCC program, participants may be photographed and record in a group or individually, and their videos and photos can be published on the website or social networks managed by the BCC, and on any printed media owned by the BCC. Please note that, without the prior (signed) consent of the parent/guardian, the name and surname of the recorded or photographed child will not be associated with him or her. Also, consent of the parent/guardian for the recording and photographing of the child is possible to withdraw at any time. By applying for the BCC programs, you explicitly agree and accept the part of this Statement that refers to photographing, recording and interviewing your child, and you give the consent for that purpose.

Amendments "Statements"

Provisions of this Statement can amend from time to time. Any subsequent amendments to this Statement will be published on the BCC website.


All questions and comments related to this Statement can be sent to the email address: info@crobasketcamp.com. By using the BCC website, you confirm and agree to the General Terms of Use and the Statement for Personal Data Protection, Collection and Their Usage.
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